Best Documentary at XIX Ânûû-rû Âboro Film Festival.
Premiered at Jihlava International Film Festival 

Produced by YLE and Mouka Films.

Ted Curson is one of the last jazz legends alive, his time is coming to an end and with it the last sparks of an era that carved a vibrant artform. The continuous touring, the endless waiting and the shadows of the past prove to be a burden too heavy to carry any longer. Filmed at a manor house in Helsinki, the slow and elegant fade of the building resembles that of Its occupant.

Written, filmed and directed by IVÁN TORRES HDEZ / Editing IVÁN TORRES HDEZ & ANNA BRUFAU / Sound design JAAKKO KATILA & SAMUEL MARNA at DEEP SHADOW SOUNDS / Music TED CURSON / Color grading MARA JELINKO at OUTLINE STUDIOS Editing assistant ILLUSIA SARVAS / Graphic design IVÁN TORRES HDEZ / Producer SAMI JAHNUKAINEN at MOUKA FILMI / In collaboration with SARI VOLANEN at Yle